Home organisation



Meal delivery

Preparing your lunch can be tricky, but it’s so important to eat healthy during your pregnancy and during your recovery after birth. We collaborate with Marica &Samantha who offer you healthy and delicious meals.

Location: Geneva


Having a room tidy and clean is not just a dream once you are a mom. Sometimes you do not have the budget to have a housekeeper. That’s why we have made a subscription valid for six months.During that length you can book three full housekeepings. Choose it whenever you need it.

Location : Geneva, Vaud


Laundries & ironing

These are some of the most time-consuming duties in our lives as parents. These are the tasks we do not want to do, and yet time and time again we need clean clothes. We want to help you with that.

We have a partner who comes to your home to pick up the dirty laundry and bring it back clean & folded almost directly in your armoire.



Nanny & maternity nurse

It’s difficult to find the right person who will take care of your baby. We collaborate with several nanny agencies that we trust. They have a portfolio of competent, professional and trusted nannies.

It’s important to have someone who can support you when you get back to work. On the other hand, you can be escorted by a maternity nurse when you come back from the maternity. She will look after your baby, give you tips with the care of your newborn, and even watch after him/her at night so that you can get a full night’s sleep.

Location : Geneva, Vaud, France

Home detox

Babies take a lot of space. You accumulate so much stuff that could take years to sort out! You may think of it as an insurmountable task, but Eliette & Marieke help you to make room for your baby and teach you how to optimize your home with the Kon mari methode. They will give you some tips to have a tidy home, daily.

Location : Geneva, Vaud, France

Babyroom design

What kind of materials will you need for your baby? You have so many choices in the shops but you feel overwhelmed by all the propositions. This can leave you incapable of making a decision. Barbara works with you to select what you need the most.

Location : Geneva