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"When I first got pregnant, I had so many questions. I had some difficulties finding satisfying answers. Once I became a mom, there was no more time to search for these answers. My sleep & rest time were limited. Day-to-day, I was frustrated by my inability to keep up with the tasks of my home. I had serious moments of doubt and continued to question myself on so many things. I needed help. I did not know where to find it. I needed me time, time to adapt to this new rhythm. I needed to have support during my first steps as a parent.



This is why I created the idea of the mumciergerie: helping moms-to-be & new moms with the household chores, being up to the task of every need.

 We are present throughout the pregnancy & postpartum, when the whole world seems to care more about the baby than you. We are here to answer all of your pressing questions."

Our main goal: taking care of you.

Agnès - Founder of A pas de louves - mumciergerie


We support mothers

- from pregnancy to one year after the delivery -

Every mom deserves the right to rest, to have time taking care of herself and to adapt to this new parents’ life.


Asking for help is the first step of being a better mom.

Once you accept that necessity, we are here for you.


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Haute-Savoie & Pays de Gex



To contact us:

With all the further duties in our new parents’ daily lives, it’s not easy to book anything in standard opening shop hours.

With our mumciergerie, you can book your appointment at 2 am pending the baby’s night feed: in your bed, at the maternity, or during your breaks at work.

We are where you are 

because we do know the up & downs as a mom & dad.


+ 41 78 644 32 94

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