Who is the last person to have really taken care of you?


" I was bedrested for the last trimester of my 1st pregnancy. My husband was involved in our new family life, but he had to go back to work. I was alone with my big belly and ordered to lay down the absolute maximum. We were also moving out at that time. Who could help me to tidy up the house ? Who could help me with the groceries ? Who could help me to set up the baby’s room ? "


The mumciergerie was so important to me to be created. It adapts to any of your requests.

You have the same mumcierge who is dedicated to you during the whole requested period. She is

your one and only interlocutor. Your satisfaction is her priority.


Your mumcierge’s activities :

- give you the highest quality service

- deliver to your home, your work place or to the maternity

- suggest activities or offers

- do her best to answer each of your requests

help you with all of your purchases in Switzerland or outside

- do one invoice at the end of the month for all the service delivery coming from our mumciergerie


Does this sound like a good fit?

This service is useful for all of your pregnancy, but best in your last trimester when the everyday becomes more tiresome - then, of course, your return home from the maternity ward.



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