My well-being at home

All of our services for your well-being during your pregnancy & post partum are complete at your home. It is also possible to receive our services at your workplace or at the maternity. It’s important to ask your manager to get a calm room at your disposal. We handle working with the maternity to bring your services in your room.



We are coming up with a lot of home cares to help you revive your femininity, which is sometimes lost during this new adventure. Taking care of yourself helps you to rediscover trust in yourself, to be confident in your new mother role and to be seductive. Take time for a well being small aside.



Changing your look is often the reflection of a new stage in life. Becoming a mother for the first time, second time or more is as much a reason as ever to try a dramatic new chop or have a new color. Having clean hair is the sign that you still take care of yourself. It helps you to be confident to step outside your home. A perfect brushing will draw all the attention on your hair instead of your new under-eye circles. We will fulfill your wishes.


We will gently relax each of your sore muscles and ease your tensions that have built during your first steps as a new parent in a relaxed atmosphere.

* only postpartum

Manicure & pedicure

It’s often just a detail that can help us to feel better: a nice polish color on a perfectly manicured nail(thanks to the pregnancy that helps to solidify our nails). You can ask us for a semi-permanent that will stay perfect, head-to-toe, despite the repetitive hand-washings since the baby arrived..



Take the opportunity to have your makeup done for your photo session, your important events, even your wedding to save some preparation time.